Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Riam Does - Cereal Killer Café W/ Man Like Jrrrrr

Hello and welcome beautiful people this is my first proper blog post. Its so nice of you to join me. 

 Over the summer break I’ve been thinking of a cool places to take my 13 year old brother so we can have a little brother and sister time coz Lord knows summer holidays can be very boring. I began thinking ‘where would be a cool place to take him?’ since I’m always in Shoreditch like alwaaaayysss in Shoreditch I thought he’d find it cool, so I thought what better place to take him than to Cereal killer.  
I have attached the web page link so y’all can check the menu for yourselves.

We got cereal cocktails because we were so indecisive and it gives you a range of cereals to pick from which is great. On the right is my bowl I had ‘ The Lion King’ which was £4.10 and on the left is my brothers he had ‘Shooty Shooty Bang Bang’ which was £4.70. One thing that I like about cereal killer is that they do different flavour milk, I had caramel milk which was yummy! I cant lie I needed some water after all that sweetness but it was nice to have different flavoured milk.

I do highly recommend this place the décor is super cuteee! Downstairs they have beds that is basically a bench that you can sit on to eat. The place has a 80’s/90’s bedroom feel which I love I think it’s really cool. The place has a great vibe any ages are welcome give it a try and tell me your verdict.They have another branch which is in Camden.

When you go tell them man like Riam sent you x 

Riam Xoxo


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