Thursday, 1 December 2016

Riam Does - A Survival Guide At A Concert

Hey Beautiful people.

So if you know me you know how much I LOVE Chance the rapper. He finally came to London ( I have been waiting for soooo long ) and I went to see him. I go to so many concerts and I always make sure I’m at the front or at least in a good enough space to see the artist very well. Here are some tips for those who ask me about some tips when you go to concerts 

1)    CHARGE YOUR PHONE – I know this seems very obvious but make sure your phone has at least 80 - 100% before you leave your for the concert/show.

2)    INVEST IN A PORTABLE CHARGER – Whilst you’re out, you’re probably going to be taking picture, videos, making calls, maybe searching for the venue or even calling for a cab. Your phone battery can only last so long. So I'd advise you to take your charger and/or a portable charger.

3)    PLAN YOUR ROUTE – Concerts usually end around 11 pm, if you live far from the venue or you're not used to the area make sure you plan your route home beforehand so when it comes to leaving you’re not stuck. ( Trust me! after the chance concert I'm such a doughnut I totally forgot about the trains and had to take the bus all the way home from Oxford street to Ilford. If you know how long that is you'll know my pain * cries * )

4)    BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING – At concerts/shows there are so many people there you can’t be too sure who has come for what. Be prepared to be stepped on, or a drink getting poured on you, or losing your friends in a mosh pit. ( trust me these things have happened to me multiple times ) 

5)    MEMORIES – Make sure that you have a good device to take pictures and videos on for you to remember the night forever. Remember pictures last longer  and you can get them printed out.

6)    STAY HYDRATED- Concerts/shows get very very hot, make sure you get a drink before or during the show, tap water is free at the bar ( if there is one ).

Hope these little tips help

Riam Xoxo


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  1. Interesting and amazing, I haven't been to a concert before I would love to go to a Justin Bieber concert thanks for the tips.


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