Sunday, 5 February 2017

Riam Does - New Month New Music

Hey my Beautiful people, Merry new month and that! 

So in the first phew days of this month have been a good one musically. Here are a few artists and projects that they've dropped so far that I have listened to.

Let’s start with Sampha. I have been anticipating this one for a while. Seen the posters on the underground and what not and have literally counting down the days till he drops his album. For those that have listened to Soloange’s album, he was the one featured on don’t touch my hair. Sampha has blessed us again with another amazing project his voice is one of a kind. Soulful, soft and just pure.

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Secondly man like Syd! She’s in the band called ‘The Internet’ which are dope, and she brought out her own solo album. When I listened to it I was like ‘GURLLLLL YOU BETTER SANGGGG’ because she said in an interview that she doesn’t really consider herself a singer she can just sing. I can’t lie it was better than I excepted. She has a few bangers in there it’s a good vibe.

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Next in line is New gen. This was actually my first time hearing/Listening about them and my first opinion is that it was a vibeeee. The thing I like about it is that with all of the Collabs, all of the artist still stayed original but it just all worked I really applaud this project it is evident that a lot of thought and work has been put in to it.

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Vince Staples was also another artist to make me vibe in the library this week. He brought out a song called BigBak. My head was bopping throughout. I am a new fan to Vince but from what I have been listening to he’s a g.

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Man like Uncle Stormzy also has an album, that is coming out soon but in the mean the he dropped a song and a video called ‘Big for your boots’ who featured a lot of influential people in the creative industry. You also may have seen some of the billboards around London drooping hits about his album. Defo excited for him to drop this can’t wait.

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When you have time listen to these artists and let me know if you want me to do a playlist or a mix or more blog posts like these. I've linked all the artist music to their names so all you have to do is just click on them. Stay cute and enjoy. 

Riam Xoxo 


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