Friday, 7 April 2017

Riam Does - Ninja's In Paris On Film

*Evil laugh* I'm here to take over the world 

      (Film)                                                   (Disposable)  
Ninja's going on the metro                    Ninja's in the cluurrbb

Ohhhh how I lurrrvvv food 

   (Flim)                                         (Disposable) 
    Ninja's in Sophia's Yard                 Ninja's in the book shop 

Ninja's en route Hommmee

   (Flim)                                         (Disposable)
 Riam in Sophia's yard                          Riam in the clurb 

Ahh Paris and that! 

   (Flim)                                         (Disposable) 

BRO! look hard enough I'm at the bottom of the photo -_-

  (Flim)                                      (Disposable) 
Ninja's in Sophia's yard                  Ninja's on the metro 


I know I know! Where have I been? 

I can’t make excuses. E.g. Uni has drained me, I’ve been busy, blah blah blah!

So I’ve been playing around with photography and mark making. I feel like this generation has forgotten the beauty in taking pictures. We're so used to taking a picture and trying to get the right angles or trying to look like the best versions of ourselves (which is not a bad thing at all, coz Lord know I'm all about that) that we almost miss the point of pictures, which is to capture a moment.

Film cameras are on a rise again. So for you 90’s babies I'm sure you can remember what a film camera is. If you go through your parents old pictures you can see that they were all taken on film cameras. For you 00’s babies people started using disposable cameras which was a quick and easy version of a film camera. 

Me and my people dem were in France to support our boy @aychibs (who is part of @aboeworldwide ) because he was Djing in Paris and we made a little trip out of it. @aychibs had a film camera and I had a disposable camera and we documented our trip. So for those that want a film camera or a disposable camera I've compared them and showed you my verdict and what I think. 

So I've noticed that with the disposable camera the pictures come out a bit darker than the the film camera, I purposely didn't lighten them for this blog post so you see what it really looks like. Another thing that I noticed is that the disposable camera had a more grainy effect on it which I didn't mind really, its all about trail and error.  I like the quality of the film camera it gives that old school vibe that a lot of pictures don't have now a days. I will be doing more posts in film to show ya'll different ways you can use the camera. With the film camera just make sure that you always use flash (especially if you're of a darker skin complexion) this is what I've realized because the pictures come out dark. The film camera had 24 shots where as my disposable camera had 16 shots so i think in the long run it makes more sense to invest in a film camera and you can get some as cheap at £10. It works out cheaper in the long run. you get more pictures from it and they come out with a better quality. 

I got my disposable camera from Asda. I  purchased a  pack of 4 for £15 which works out to £3.75 each which I thought was an alright price for a disposable camera. It cost me £3.99 to get the film developed. So in total everything came up to £7.74 which is a reasonable price if you are a budget. 

Hope that info was helpful. Feel free to comment to ask me any questions. 
(If you're wondering why I keep saying Ninja's its because I say it instead of the N word)

Riam Xoxo


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