Wednesday, 9 August 2017

RiamDoes - Live Your Best Life My G

Guys! Aren’t you tired of looking at other people’s lives and wishing it was yours? Don’t you get tired of feeling like you’re not good enough to do certain things? Don’t you get annoyed when you think you’re not cool enough to wear an outfit? and then someone wears the exact same outfit and it doesn’t even bang but they’re praised for it and get helllla likes? 

Yeah well so am I because I am tired of seeing people with no real beneficial content to offer and they are very well known but YOU that is powerful content or YOU that has the ability to solve people's problems is too afraid to express it. Many of us feel like no one cares about what we have to say or care too much about what people might think/say... 

WELL! I’m going to tell you to live your flipping best life my g. I’ve realised that multiple people have goals and aspirations but something is always holding us back. Today I got sick and tired of doubting myself and I have promised myself that I will live my best life!

For everyone that means something different. For me it means doing things that I usually won’t do, going to places, doing things by myself and not waiting for a friend to reply and say it’s cool to go. So when I have an idea I’m going for it instead of demotivating myself. 

Remember we are young! We have sooo much time ahead of us, stop making excuses!  

That business idea that you have, bring it to life. That photo shoot you want to do, DM that model and ask to do a photo shoot with them. That job you want, apply for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You get a no.. Okay evaluate and MOVE ONNNN.  We need to stop viewing “failure” as a bad thing but as an opportunity to grow. 

Riam's Tips on living your best life. 

• Never doubt yourself!
• You only live once, take risks! 
• You don't know untill you try... 
• Stop wishing and start doing!!!

We need to live our best life and shoot our shot!! Life is too short. God wakes you up every day to fulfil your purpose and bring you one step closer to what he has ordained for you and only you. When you leave this earth there’s only one of YOU that has walked this earth on a certain journey with a unique story, there won’t be another. 

So what will your story be... 

#LiveYourBestLife #ShootYourShot2017

Riam Xoxo


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