Thursday, 7 September 2017

RiamDoes - Wheeeel Up the Vibes

My People Dem!

RiamThaGreat is here to give you a playlist full of chilled vibes that I cannot stop playing. ( I know I'm amazing. You are very welcome ) 

These past two weeks have been long but one thing that keeps me going is music. So here are some gems that I have found and been constantly replaying. So I have created the playlist on SoundCloud and Spotify for those that prefer different platforms. (Click on the word SoundCloud or Spotify and it'll take you straight there)

Also if ya’ll would like me to do a playlist on Apple music as well in the future please let me know.

Light a candle, bang these tunes on your speakers and just vibessss.

Let me know what you think, share some songs that you feel like i could have added and what chilled vibes you are constantly playing. 

#MoreTuneForYourHeadTop #LiveYourBestLifeMyG

Riam Xoxo

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