Monday, 16 October 2017

RiamDoes - Focus on your G's

My G’s I’m back with another one!

I am all for seeing my G’s win and supporting them any way that I can. I am such a big fan of my peoples and I am here to just show you a few people in my life that are doing bits an I really appreciate their craft. This is going to be an ongoing thing I do on my blog every now and again just to show you people who are doing bits, who to follow etc.

First up we have the wickedest streetwear brand right now Rookies !

What do We do and Why We Started ?
We created streetwear fashion label Rookies, and we started because we both just shared the same passion for making garms of our own so we put all our ideas together and rookies was formed

What motivates you?

Slyly I think everything and anything can motivate me. But I think most of all it's the drive to take this thing we created literally from nothing and make it as great as possible. Rookies is like my baby, everything I do is for the brand as everything you would do as a parent would be for your child, and I just wanna do everything I can for it to do well and grow well.

Where can I find you?
Instagram: rookiesldn

What do you have up/ coming out?
Upcoming we have 1001 things and yes, they will all be good enough so keep a look out. And currently have our reflective pack out with a few sizes remaining so move quick ok.

I am totalllyyyyy here for the vibes that Rookies give. I love the whole brand and what it stands for like I'm just here for it mehn! Ya'll need it be here for it too! 

Next up we have the most active person I’ve ever met! Man like Tomi

What do you do and why you started?
I wanted to put up my own content and provide people with a platform to share my personal views and values. My blog is an open space for me to motivate, inspire & encourage people to speak out about topics no one talks about, to share my life stories and to just put out my honest thoughts and feelings for all to read. 

What motivates you?
Seeing others succeed. My family & friends. Myself (when I actually listen to my own advice). It’s hard to pin-point specific things, I can get motivated quite quickly depending on the mind-set that I have that day.

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @Tomi_Ojo
Instagram: @Tomi_Ojo
Facebook: Tomi Ojo
Google+: Tomi Ojo
What do you have coming up/out?
More blog posts are pending, I’m working on some stuff and hopefully looking into revamping my blog again, at the moment I’m not so sure.

An example of your best work?

When Tomi isn’t blogging, staying fit or just being a bloody G, she’s helping others, she is super supportive and has such a beautiful heart. Defo take a look at her blog seriously amazing, not even saying because she’s my mate lol.

Last but certainly not least we've got Weyland 

What do you do and why you started?
I am a Hip Hop artist. I honestly haven’t imagined myself doing anything else. I grew up in a house full of music and writing is the my psychological release.

What motivates you?
I am motivated by my passion and my drive to leave something behind after i die that can touch people and help them the way the music I grew up listening to helped me.

Where can we find you?
Instagram: @Weylandmck

What do you have coming up/out?
At the moment I am working on my debut EP but there is no release date as of yet, so you just have to stay on the look out!

I also have a radio show called 'TheGreenRoom' with my friend @ReubenArthur (Twitter)/ @Rewwwbs (Instagram). It is on @Hoxton_fm every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Make sure you tune in to collect some Gems!

An example of your best work:

Weyland right! This guy right here yeahhhh! I really don’t understand how one can be so talented. His way with words… MAUD TING. Check the links above to see for yourself
Don’t be that friend that only supports when you see your friends have blown, be a cheerleader from now! It’s not easy always having to motivate yourself and being the best so be that great supporter for your friend and see where you can help them out.

P.s I've realised that I say G a lot lol. I'll try and stop lol. 

Riam Xoxo


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