Wednesday, 4 October 2017

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No way we are in the last few months of the year. Shout out to everyone that said, ‘This is my year’ and hasn’t done half of the things on your to do/Goals list! Shout out to people that were ready to make change but then got comfortable and didn’t bother. Shout out to all the G’s that were going to shut this year downnnn but then got too scared. It’s okay, Lord knows I am one of them, as a matter of fact man is probably the ambassador of it Lol.

Since we only have 89 days left till 2018, I think you owe it to yourself to be selfish and focus on yourself and achieve the things that were on your ‘Goals’ list for this year.

Here are some tips on things that I am going to do that have allowed me to be productive in the past few months

1.     Get a Mentor – Having someone that will assess your progress and lead you in the right direction. Maybe an older person or someone that is already where you want to be so they can give you advise on things to do.
2.     WRITE IT DOWNNNN! – Get a notebook or a bulletin Board. Often, we think we will remember our great idea later on but we won’t, with all the thoughts we have a day you can easily forget important details. Write these things down so you can refer to them and tick or cross them off.
3.     Put a time frame on it – One thing that my mentor taught me is that when you put a specific time frame on these tasks it gives you pressure to at least start these things.
4.     Remember that you have nothing to lose – Often we talk ourselves out of tings because we think it’ll be to hard or we think we’re not good enough but in all honesty, we are very capable. Once we have the mindset of ‘There is nothing to lose’ when we approach our goals it’ll be different.
5.     Stay educated – Always find out new things about the thing you are working towards, read book watch videos (informative ones lol), ask ask and ask people!! Networking is a key to educating yourself.
6.     Just do it! – We are often busy during the day and just want to chill as soon as we get home but let’s remember that we all have the same 24hrs. Don’t say you’ll start tomorrow just do it today whilst you still can. Tomorrow is not promised.  
7.     Regular self-evaluation – It’s always good to look back at what you’ve done and see what you have done well and what you could do better for next time.
8.     Remember to live your best life my G! – it’s okay to work hard towards something but remember to never over work yourself. Take regular breaks to stay productive.


Riam Xoxo

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