Friday, 1 December 2017

RiamDoes - Places To Go In London!

The Rum Kitchen Carnaby Street 

Guess who's back back back? back again gain gain, Riam's back back back tell your friends ends ends ends. LOL wow that was moist. Anyyyywhoo... What you man saying? 

In this blog post i went to The Rum Kitchen, the one located in Carnaby street. This was also shot on my disposable camera (You can see my review here). For the main I got the 'Pork belly Ribs' which I give a 7/10 and it was happy hour so I got Wreaggaemeister (THIS ONE WANTED TO FINISH ME) and LDD. 

My aim was to do reviews of some cool places that I’ve been to every now and again until I realised that my list was becoming very long (this is half of it lol, I will post the rest in another blog post sometime soon) and then I moved out of London lol. 

Riam is here to help ya'll out! Many of us have a list of places to go and visit so here is a few more that I have for your list. These are a bunch of places to Chill, Eat, watch a movie and just catch some good vibes. So I made a list of places London some are in other cities in England but I’d say 95% are in London. To make it easier for you guys I have linked either the Instagram or the website of the place stated.

If the have a dash next to it it means I've been to the place. 

Places To Eat
Aubaine Selffdges
Bird - 
Bourne andHollingsworth building (Book Greenhouse table)
Bunk (Nottingham)
Brick lane street food - 
Chukus NigerianTapas (Pop up so check out insta or website)
Circus London
Coppa Club
The Diner - 

Places To Have Fun
Roof East - 
Places To Chill
Ace Hotel - 
Places To Have Desert
Hello Kitty Café

I hope this has helped you guys! 

If you guys go to any of the places let me know, tag me in a photo or give a little review leave a comment on my blog or on my Insta.

Riam Xoxo

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